Low Back Pain : Do’s and Don’ts

January 16, 2020 0

Do’s and Don’ts with Low Back Pain

  1. Do: Sit as little as possible and then only for short periods
    Don’t: Do not sit on a low soft couch with a deep seat.

2. Do: Keep your back straight when lifting.

Do not jerk when you lift.

3. Do: Sleep on a good firm surface.

Don’t: Do not sleep on your stomach unless advised to do so by your doctor or physical therapist.


4. Do:Use the correct lifting technique.

Don’t: Do not bend the object you are lifting.


Tips to Prevent Low Back pain

  1. Healthy Diet: Keep a healthy diet and weight, and exercise regularly
  2. Avoid inactivity: Resting in bed for 1-2 days can aggravate the pain
  3. Warm up: Make sure to warm up and stretch before physical activity.
  4. Posture : Always maintain proper posture
  5. Comfort: Wear Comfortable, low heel shoes
  6. Firm Mattress: Sleep on a medium-to-firm mattress to avoid curving the spine
  7. Bend with your knees: When lifting heavy objects, lift with your knees
  8. Ergonomics: Use ergonomic chairs, desks, and other equipment at work or in your home office

More Movement is equals to less pain

  1. Sit-Stand movement may reduce pain
    Study found a statistically significant reduction in reports of current low back pain and current neck pain.
  2. Remaining in a static position
    Staying still for a prolonged period of time, such as sitting all day, may not be conducive to a healthy back.
  3. Standing improves focus
    Participants using the sit stand workstations reported that their pain interfered less with general activity and ability to concentrate.

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