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Spine Surgery in India

Top Spine Surgeon in india | Spine Surgery in India

Spine Surgery in India

Spine Surgery in India-The various issues associated with the spine, which is the main structure of your body, is effectively treated using various types of spinal surgeries.

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It helps in relieving from pain, weakness, abnormal motion, numbness or any other problem related to the spine. Spine-related problems need to be treated effectively and with utmost care as the spine forms to be the pillar of our body.

Top Spine Surgeons in India | Spine Surgery In India

Spine Surgery In India -Dr Arun saroha

Spine Surgery in India-India has some of the most renowned spine hospitals and spine surgeons. With the latest technological procedures and a well-experienced staff,

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some of the most complicated spinal cases are treated effectively in India. The hospitals follow each case with a well-formulated procedure and possess services for various kinds of surgeries for spine treatment.

Spine surgery in India- An Overview

Apart from the patients from the country, several international patients seek to come to India for various spine related problems due to the quality delivered and affordability.

Top Spine Surgeon In India – Dr Arun Saroha

Spine Surgery in India

Spine Surgery in India

Spine Surgery In India & Delhi

There are many benefits to it. The procedure to getting a medical visa is quite simple, and communication is easy too. India has trained English speaking staff which can cater to your problems and deliver treatment with utmost understanding.

Top Spine Surgeon in india

With a rich medical infrastructure, India has the top leading spine surgeons and well-trained staff in the top spine hospitals of the country. The surgeons in India are highly qualified,

Spine Hospital in India | Max Hospital | Dr Arun Saroha 

with having trained in many countries worldwide and showcasing the high level of experience. They are known to solve the most critical and complicated cases with great precision and a steady hand.

Many hospitals have reached the level of international quality delivery, coming to the benchmark set by top countries such as USA and UK.

Best Spine surgeon in India

Several hospitals also have the latest cutting-edge technological facilities which help in treating various problems and successfully displaying results.

The top spine hospitals are located in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Nagpur, Kerala, Gurgaon, Goa, Jaipur, and Chandigarh.

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The spine procedures for which many international patients come down to India for treatment are spinal fusion, knee replacement, simple spine surgery and complex spine surgery with implants. The cost of these procedures is more than half of what it costs in USA,

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UK and Thailand. The hospitals in India have well-prepared packages for each procedure which helps the patient to choose according to their requirements. Full attention is given to each patient which helps them to combat their back-related problems.

If required, the patients are also provided with additional services for better recovery, including other surgical treatments and physiotherapy.

Type of Spine Surgeries in India

Cervical spine surgery | Best Spine Surgeon In Gurgaon

It is the procedure to join the skull to the body, which includes three procedures known as discectomy, artificial cervical disc replacement, and cervical fusion.

Discectomy is the procedure in which the disc which is touching the nerves is removed through a small incision. Artificial cervical disc replacement involves a prosthetic disc implant to fill the gap after the removal of the damaged disc.


Cervical fusion involves bone grafting, which is removing a bone or disc and joining the vertebrae together by using a bone graft, Spine Surgery in India, which is either taken from the patient’s body itself (autograft) or from a bone bank (allograft). Apart from bone grafting, the other common procedure used to restore the spine is known as instrumentation. In this, metal plates, wires or screws are used to join or stabilize the spine. This helps in stopping the abnormal motion of the vertebrae and the organ starts functioning normally.

Artificial Spine Lumbar Disc Replacement

The procedure is carried out on the lumbar vertebrae, which is located between the rib cage and the pelvis. A prosthetic implant which is made out of metal replaces a painful disc that helps in restoring the normal motion of the back. The procedure is carried out to relieve intense back pain and to remove the damaged discs.

Lumbar Laminectomy for Spine or Spine Decompression

This procedure is usually required for the older people who undergo spinal stenosis. The facet joints are enlarged in their body who have undergone degenerative changes, and which cause pain in the nerve roots.

In this procedure, the nerve impingement in the lumbar section is treated to relieve you of the pain. An incision is made at the back and the lamina is removed and the nerve roots are trimmed to release the pain.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery | Spine Surgery In India

This procedure is considered one of the latest and modern technological techniques, which is used to achieve steady recovery and minimum muscle damage. Spine Surgery in India, This procedure has helped the patients to get rid of the painful surgeries, during and after the treatment is carried out.

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It also uses microscopic video cameras along with other instruments, Spine Surgery in India, after making the incision to carry on the surgery. It is used to treat spine problems such as Scoliosis, spinal infections, degenerative disc disease and spinal tumor.

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