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Best Neurosurgery treatment in India

Best Neurosurgeon In India | Delhi And India

Best Neurosurgeon In India | Delhi And India

Best Neurosurgery treatment in India,As medical tourism is evolving in India,Neurosurgery treatment in India. here is the capital city of Delhi and the NCR region is now growing to be the focal point for surgical treatment.

Best Neurosurgeon In India | Delhi And India

The Gurgaon region in Haryana state which is also a part of the National Capital Region, is home to some of the best medical care institutions and some of the top specialist neurosurgeons in the country.

Top Best Neurosurgery treatment in India

Best Neurosurgery treatment in India

Best Neurosurgery treatment in India

Best Neurosurgery treatment in India-The Delhi NCR region boasts of state-of-the-art hospitals with the most advanced facilities that not only address to the treatment of the patients for neurosurgery disorders but also offer a holistic approach towards wellness.

Best Neurosurgeon In India

Best Neurosurgery treatment in India-These hospitals are known for their Best Neurosurgery treatment in India, in the country who have been in the forefront of breaking barriers and introducing global standards for surgeries and bringing to India the most advanced technology at affordable cost.

This is the reason patients not only from other parts of India but also middle-east Asia, African countries and countries from south and south-east Asia choose the capital region for treatment. The name that is frequently listed among these top neurosurgeons is of Dr. Arun Saroha, an expert in spine and brain surgery.

Best Neurosurgeon In India And Its Surgeries Types

Types of surgeries

Our nervous system is the most vital function in the body and all our organs rely on it. Neurology majorly addresses the disorders of the nervous system which includes the spine and the brain. Neurosurgeries are crucial and complicated procedures which require advanced expertise. Common symptoms of these disorders are usually ignored by patients due to lack of awareness.

Symptoms of neuro disorders could be:

  • Pain&weakness along the limbs
  • Tremor or seizures
  • Headaches that gradually intensify
  • Numbness
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of balance or control of movement

Best Neurosurgeon In India And Its Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosis and tests

To diagnose the disorder a patients has to undergo physical examination and a set of tests that determine the root cause and intensity of problem. The disorder could be in the spine region or brain and tests are accordingly recommended.

Brain tumor which is one of the most commonly known neuro problem is determined by a biopsy. Other common tests that are suggested are:

  • Intrathecal contrast-enhanced CT scan
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Cerebral fluid analysis
  • Brain scans
  • Spinal or cerebral angiography
  • Electromyography, Electronystagmography (ENG), Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Infrared thermography or thermal imaging

Cost of Surgery in India | Best Neurosurgeon In India

The cost largely depends on the nature of problem, age, gender and if there are any associated complications. Moreover there are hospitals that offer varied levels of peripheral facilities and stay of different standards and these can be customized to a certain extent. Also,

with the advent of minimal invasive surgical procedures, the hospital stay and recovery period for a patient has reduced drastically, especially in the case of spinal surgeries.

The cost of spinal surgery in India at a mid-level hospital can amount to anywhere between Rs. 2,00,000- 7,00,000 which includes the hospital stay, medication, surgery cost and consultancy charges.

Advantages of medical treatment in India

For foreign nationals, who are recommended treatment in India, the cost for healthcare is drastically cheaper than what it could be in their home country.

Moreover, it is not just the cost, but the availability of highly accomplished surgeons and medical facilities that makes them trust the hospitals in India.

Top neurosurgeons Hospital in India and Its Facilities

  • Internationally recognized medical facilities
  • Expert physicians and surgeons
  • Significant cost savings as the treatment cost in India is 60-80% lesser for the foreign nationals
  • Use of advanced technology that reduces hospital time
  • Presence of English speaking staff eliminates language barriers
  • Customized packages and convenient stay for family members.
  • Hospitable staff that work with compassion
  • Strict patient safety protocols
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