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Medical Travel To India

Accessibility to superlative medical treatment that is being provided by skilled doctors at internationally accredited hospitals has made India grow as a hub for the medical tourists every year. The prime reason being the cost of medical treatment in India being cheaper when compared to Western Europe, North America and some Southeast Asian countries.

Top Reasons Why India Is A Preferred Destination For Medical Travel:

Everybody can avail tertiary medical treatment in India which is either not available or people cannot afford it in their home country. Here are 7 major factors which make India an ideal medical tourism spot:

  1. Low Cost Of Treatment. India has one of the most affordable cost of treatment in the world. Some treatments can be provided for little as 10% of the cost that it would be available for in other countries like the US or UK. People can expect to save about 50-60% while receiving treatment in India compared to that in the West. Medical care in India is of supreme quality. It enables the patient to receive life-altering or life-saving treatment that may not otherwise be afforded.
  2. Easy to obtain medical visas. Visas are easily granted in a short period of time and the waiting period for most life-altering or life-saving procedures are almost non-existent. Government of India has introduced an e-visa program which enables citizens of more than 150 countries to get visa within 24-48 hours. Patients that need help in order to avoid more medical complications, permanent disabilities, or sometimes even death are given priority. The government of India has ensured that people who need critical, life-saving treatment should get their visas in a timely manner.
  3. No waiting period to get surgeries done. In the Western nations, sometimes people have to wait weeks or months for vital, life-saving treatments which can extend to years for elective procedures. Having procedures done so quickly helps avoid further complications and health problems in the future.  India provides this welcome change of pace to many patients from all around the world who desperately needs medical attention. Having procedures done in a timely manner has saved countless lives, and will save much more in the future.
  4. High skill level of doctors in India. Doctors are mostly always trained in the country’s top medical universities or in other Western-style schools. India has a strong base of qualified and skilled doctors. Another major factor that has made India succeed in inviting the medical tourists is the populace of good English speaking doctors, guides and medical staff which makes it easier for the foreign tourists to correlate well to Indian doctors. Language barriers are rarely an issue. These doctors also travel and conduct medical camps in different countries in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, and the CIS region.
  5. World-class and standardized medical services and care with state of the art facilities and equipments. Indian hospitals are equipped with best in class technology and systems which compare very well with the top hospitals around the world. Despite being a “developing” nation, premium, Western-standardized care to their patients are being provided. Some of these services can include things like language translators or personal assistance for those who are disabled. Patients are provided with 24/7 access to the hospital facilities as a standard of excellent services.
  6. Offer therapies like Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga. Availability of holistic, natural treatments like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga which have originated in India itself. These are fabulous techniques to aid in post-retreatment recovery for many patients. The therapies provide a relaxing aspect to healing, which helps many patients feel better much sooner. The psychological benefits are oftentimes positive as well.
  7. Exotic destinations. Great sightseeing and opportunities to go see parts of the world and experience cultures that you may never otherwise experience can enhance the benefits of medical tourism. India provides an opportunity to the medical tourists to visit some of the most alluring and awe-inspiring places which can sometimes be the best part of medical tourist trip.

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