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Best Head Injury Treatment In Gurgaon | Dr Arun Saroha

Best Head Injury Treatment In Gurgaon

Head Injury-No, not every head injury is serious. But when one falls from a speeding vehicle without a helmet,

Best Head Injury Treatment In Gurgaon

The impact on the brain and its internal structures is far more serious (many lead to dearth) than slipping in one’s house or staircase

 What happens during a head injury

  • There may be a fracture of the skull. The bone may remain only cracked or get displaced and penetrate the brain (depressed fracture)

There may be bleeding in the brain or its covering.

  • Extradural Hematoma (EDH)- This is bleeding between skull and dura mater which is the outermost. Tough protective cover of the brain, just below the bone (skull)
  • Subdural Hematoma – Bleeding between 1st and 2nd layer of the brain (below the dura)
  • Intracerebral bleeding- Bleeding inside the brain
  • Concussion- Vibrational injury to the rain without bleeding. This can cause cell death or swelling.
  • Contusion- when there is direct bruising, swelling or laceration of the brain tissue there may be bleeding, leading to hemorrhagic contusion.

What is the most important test after a head injury?


  • After a detailed clinical examination, CT scan pf the brain is the important investigation to find out whether there is bleeding, swelling or fracture.

Can surgery help in head injury?

 If the CT scans show an EDH (Extradural hematoma) or SDH (Subdural hematoma) or a large intracranial bleed Time is the brain.

  • Immediate brain surgery to remove the clot and reduce the swelling (decompression) can save a life.


Does a fracture of skull need surgery? 

  • If the fracture is undisplaced and the patient is conscious and awake surgery is not required.
  • If the fracture penetrates the brain or its covering (depressed fracture) surgery may be required to remove the bone pieces.
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