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Back Pain Treatment In Delhi | India | Gurgaon -Dr Arun saroha

Back Pain Treatment In Delhi

It is the disorder that causes several kinds of problems. It usually results from the one or three parts of the back. It consists:

  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Nerves
  • The body structure

It has also the problem with the sitting and standing.

What causes back pain? Back Pain Treatment In Delhi

The most common cause of the lower back pain is strain and back structure.

Strained muscles often cause the back pain. If you incorrectly carry the heavy object and immediate movements.  If you do some back activities then it can happen to you. It is the sore feeling that occurs after few hours playing the sport.

Back Pain Treatment In India

Structural problem

The spine is made from the vertebrae are the interlocking bones stacked on the top of another. The disk is the space between on it.  It is one of the common causes of the back pain.

How is back pain diagnosis?

There is a physical exam that needed to diagnose the back pain. Your doctor may examine the test your:

  • The ability to stand and walk
  • The range of motion of the spine
  • Reflexes
  • Leg strength
  • Ability to detect the sensation


What are the symptoms | Backpain Tretment In Gurgaon

Back Ache happens for the serious damage or disease. If you don’t do anything about the pain then it will increase consistently. It some cases it can cause the serious problem. Here are the symptoms that you must take care of it.

  • Difficulty in standing and walking.
  • There is numbness around the back passage.
  • Numbness, and weakness in both the legs.
  • There is unsteadiness in your legs.

What is the acute low back pain?

It is the lower back pain that lasts for the short time. Most of the people face the low back pain in some stages.  In most of the cases, it will improve within the several weeks. It can happen again over time.


Back Pain Treatment In Delhi & india

MRI & the Back pain 

There are certain set of test your Neurosurgeon will tell you to undergo to check the Spine. This includes blood investigations, X Ray , CT scan and MRI of Spine. In some cases, as per Dr Arun Saroha, results of MRI is fine but still the person have severe back pain.

Many patients have been told that pain is coming from disc bulges or tears that look abnormal on their MRIs. As per Dr Saroha sometimes the chronic back pain frequently does not correlate with the structural abnormalities that may appear on MRIs.

Back Pain Treatment In Delhi & Gurgaon

Many people with disc degeneration, tears, and bulging discs are able to lead pain-free and active lives. Once reassured by the doctor that there is no fracture, infection,

tumor, or a sinister medical condition that is responsible for your pain, the next step is to look for whether there are any factors that you can use to improve your pain condition.

Back Pain Treatment In Delhi & India


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