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Brain tumor doctor in Delhi India

Brain Tumor Doctor In Delhi | Brain Specialist In India

Brain Tumor Doctor In Delhi

Brain tumor doctor in Delhi India

Brain tumor doctor in Delhi India

Best Brain Tumor Doctor In Delhi India | Brain Specialist In Delhi

Brain tumor doctor in Delhi India-There is a general misconception about brain tumors and brain cancer being the same thing. Even though they are related,

it is important to understand the types of brain tumour and at what particular stage does it turn cancerous.

Brain Tumor Doctor In Delhi| Brain Specialist In Delhi

Our body is comprised of millions of cells where each cell perform requisite functions. Certain cells multiply by diving to form new cells to keep the body functioning.

Brain tumor Doctor in Delhi -Dr Arun saroha

When these cells loose the control of multiplication they divide in any order and at any rate. The extra cells form a mass or lump of tissues which is not required in the body and is called a tumor.

Brain Tumor Doctor In Delhi NCR

Types Of Tumor

Brain tumor doctor in Delhi

Brain tumor doctor in Delhi

Tumor Type:

Brain tumor doctor in Delhi

Brain tumor doctor in Delhi

Benign brain tumors

are those that can be removed and are not likely to reoccur. They do not contain cancer cells and do not invade adjacent tissues.

They can exert pressure on the veins and nerves that come in their path and cause the symptoms.

Malignant brain tumors

are cancerous reoccurring tumours. They are fatal as they grow rapidly and their roots spread into adjacent healthy tissues and organs.

Malignant tumor without roots is compact and said to be encapsulated.

Is Brain Tumor A Type Of Cancer?Brain tumor Doctor In Delhi

Primary Brain Tumor

Brain tumor doctor in Delhi India-Originating from the brain, the primary tumor can be benign or malignant. Usually the primary tumor starts in the cerebrum, which is the main part of the brain.

Some tumors can start in the meninges, a thin membrane around the brain and spinal cord. Tumor can also begin growing in the glands associated with the brain, i.e. the pituitary gland or the pineal gland.

Brain tumor Doctor in Delhi

Gliomas: Primary malignant brain tumor originates in the brain and the cells can spread within the brain and reach up to the spine.

They rarely spread to other parts of the body. Approx 80% of malignant primary brain tumors are collectively known as gliomas.

These originate in the glial cells which form the basis of the connective tissues of our central nervous system.

Depending on the range or degree of malignancy, the gliomas are classified into four grades:

  • Grades I and II are considered low-grade tumors which grow at a slow rate and are least malignant. Grade I is actually the borderline stage between benign and malignancy.
  • Grades III and IV reflect high-grade. Grade III tumors are malignant and seem to grow at a moderate rate. Grade IV tumors,
  • like the glioblastoma multiforme, are the most malignant primary tumors and also the fastest-growing.

Brain Tumor Doctor In Delhi India

Depending on the location of the tumor, the gliomas are described as:

  • Gliomas developing in the lowest part of brain are termed as brain stem biomass and around 20% of tumors in children fall in this category.
  • The brain stem connects the cerebrum to the spinal cord.
  • Tumors that form in the cerebellum are termed as cerebellar astronomy.
  • The cerebellum is the crucial part of brain that controls body balance and coordination.
  • Optic gliomas grow in the optic nerve and parts of the eye. It is observed to affect children younger than age 10.


Survival from primary brain tumors and outcome of the treatment depends on the type of tumor, its location, size and extent of its growth.

It also depends on the patient’s age, their ability to function and also if there are any other illnesses that can complicate the treatment, like diabetes.

Secondary Brain Tumor

It is a cancerous tumor which originates in any part of the body and the cancer cells spread to the brain. It is also known as metastatic brain tumor.

Cancer cells in the tumor break away from the primary tumor and travel through the bloodstream across the body.

These cells can lodge in the brain and grow into new tumors.

Cells from cancer of the lung, breast, kidney, stomach, bowel and skin can reach to the brain.

This is a more complicated form of brain tumor, because here the origin of the tumor needs to be traced because the treatment depends on correct identification of the primary cells.

If the origin of cancer was in the kidney, then the cancer cells the brain are actually the kidney cells. In case of primary brain tumor, the cancerous cells are brain cells.

Brain Tumor Doctor In Delhi India


Survival from secondary brain tumor cannot be accurately predicted because if the cells reached the brain,

they could have reached other parts and begin shooting cancerous growths there.

The complications increase and it is difficult to predict the outcome of treatment.

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