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Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in India | Delhi | Gurgaon

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in India

What is Brain Haemorrhage?

  • When there is bleeding in the brain without trauma or head injury

What are the causes of Brain Hemorrhage?

  • Hemorrhagic stroke- seen in 30-60% of the hospital admissions due to stroke. High Blood pressure (BP) increases the risk of a bleed in the brain in stroke patients


  • Head injury


  • Rupture of an Aneurysm- An aneurysm is a defect in the all of the artery. As age advances the pressure of the flow of blood causes thinning of this wall within an outpouching of the vessel (an aneurysm). When an aneurysm ruptures it leads to Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in India


  • AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation)- there is an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins. This is usually a defect from the birth. Due to this abnormal connection, the pressure in the arteries is directly transmitted to the veins leading to bleed over a period of time. When the AVM occurs in the brain blood vessels, it leads Brain Hemorrhages


  • Brain tumor bleed- some brain tumors are very vascular and, at times spontaneously bleed.


  • Disorders of bleeding and clotting of the blood- cause bleeding anywhere in the body including Brain.

 How can you diagnose Brain Haemorrhage

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  • After a clinical suspicion of Brain Haemorrhage, a CT scan of the brain will be able to show the brain Haemorrhage which appears as a bright shadow

 What is the Treatment for Brain Haemorrhage in India 

First brain angiography is done to confirm the details of the blood vessel aneurysm-

    • Surgical clipping of an aneurysm- this involves an open surgery of the brain and clipping the base of an aneurysm by a silver clip.
    • Endovascular coiling- here a platinum coil is stretched and guided through the femoral artery, under fluoroscopic vision.
  • Once the starched coil enters an aneurysm it is released and it coils in an aneurysm to block the ruptured site and prevent further bleeding. This method is non-invasive and can avoid an open surgery.

 What is the Treatment for AVM? | Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in India

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in India

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in India

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in India

AVM- the treatment depends on the size and site of the AVM.

    • Surgery
    • Embolization
    • Radiotherapy
  • Combination of all

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in India

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