Parkinson's is a disease of the Central Nervous System in which the motor function of the body starts getting affected in the initial stage and the non motor functions start deteriorating at a later stage. The first symptoms of Parkinson's are involuntary shaking of the hands, difficulty in walking, stiffness in the body, slowness of movements. At a later stage dementia, sleep disorders, anxiety which are non motor functions start getting affected.

The exact cause of Parkinson's is not known but it is definitely caused by genetic factors and environmental conditions. Parkinson's disease mostly occur in patients above the age of 60 and strange as it may sound but people who consume tobacco or drink tea, coffee are less likely to get Parkinson's as compared to others. Parkinson's was not much known in India before celebrities like Ronald Reagen, former US President and world renowned boxer Mohammad Ali were found to be suffering from Parkinson's Disease.


The symptoms of Parkinson's are the best way for any neurologist to diagnose the onset of the disease. Some investigations like MRI are done to rule out other causes of these symptoms like tremors and imbalance in the body. Once it is established that these symptoms are not caused by other conditins it is assumed to be because of Parkinson's. Someetimes the patients are put on anti-parkinson's medication and if the motor function improves then this is also a way of conforming the presence of the disease. Regular exercise can not only prevent the disease but also slows the progression of the disease.

There is no cure for Parkinson's disease but certain medications, surgery, physiotherapy and some alternative therapies are known to have slowed the progression of the disease. The medicine for Parkinson's will have effect in the early stage but would slowly lose that effect as the disease progresses. Physical Therapy is one of the best treatment for slowing the progression of the disease.


Max Hospitals at New Delhi and Gurgaon have the most advanced cutting edge technology and experienced manpower when it comes to the treatment of Neurological Disorders. Parkinson's is a very debilitating disease and makes the patient dependent on others for doing most of the daily routine as the disease progresses. The cost of treatment is not very high as there is little medication which is given in such cases and most of the treatment is focussed on physical therapy which is not a very costly proposition in India. Most of the exercises which the physiotherapists will prescribe can be done on their own or with the help of family members.

Our team of Patient Care Executives will take care of all your needs while you are in India for your treatment. They will facilitate your travel by sending visa invitation to the Indian embassy. Find all the details on the page about International Patients.

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