The spine is made of bones called vertebraes. The space between two vertebrae is filled with a soft material called disc. There are nerves present in close proximity and there are muscles surrounding the spine. People who have weak back muscles tend to have problems in their spine and suffer from chronic back pain. People having arthritis and office workers sitting for long hours also tend to have spinal problems.

The most common cause of chronic back pain is compression of the nerve root. This can be due to disc protruding out of the vertebral space and impinging on nerve root. This can also be due to bone spurs in the vertebrae causing nerve root compression. Nerves are very sensitive and the slightest compression can cause severe back pain which will radiate into the arms or legs. The pain can be in the cervical spine, thoracic spine or the lumbar spine. Compression of nerve root in the cervical spine will radiate the pain into the arms while the compression of the nerve root in the lumbar spine will radiate the pain into the legs.


The back pain should not be ignored as treatment at an early stage can help you in avoiding surgery. As a first step you should consult a spine surgeon who would do a thorough physical examination alongwith a physiotherapist. The cause of the back pain can be conclusively established with the help of MRI Scan which gives clear picture of the vertebrae, disc and the nerves. In early stages, physical therapy and back strengthening exercise can get you pain relief. However if the nerve is severely compressed then Laminectomy surgery or Decompression Surgery is to be done.

In this surgery, the neurosurgeon will remove a part of the vertebrae or the disc whichever is impinging on the nerve. This will relieve the compression on the nerve and provide instant pain relief. The surgery is simple and can be done through a very small incision using a high magnification microscope.


Max Hospitals at New Delhi and Gurgaon have the most advanced cutting edge technology when it comes to Spine Surgeries. The operation theatres are equipped with very high precision Operating Microscopes from Karl Storz, Germany which allows us to do most of the spine surgeries through a keyhole. India offers huge advantages in terms of cost of treatment, cost of hotels, food and travel.

Laminectomy or Spinal Decompression Surgery will cost USD 6000 - 8000 with 2-3 days of hospital stay. Post surgery, our physiotherapy team provides you with a rehab programme to put you back on feet in quick time. Our team has done more than 15000 brain and spine surgeries with success rate in excess of 98%.

Our team of Patient Care Executives will take care of all your needs while you are in India for your treatment. They will facilitate your travel by sending visa invitation to the Indian embassy. Find all the details on the page about International Patients.

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