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Best spine surgeon in India

After coming from an outpatient spine surgery, embarking on the right recovery plan would dictate how fast and best you heal. The best spine surgeon in India is open to both being hospitalized during the recovery process as well as recovery from home. The choice lies with the patient. However, there are risks involved and in order to allow your spine to heal properly, the following tips may just be your best asset.

 Tips  For Recovery Spine Surgery From Home

  1. Proper Exercise

From the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon to all the rest in the world, proper exercise is first on the list of post operative home recovery tips. Walk from time to time, starting with short distances as you gradually increase the covered distance. Daily exercise is important as it helps to maintain your build, muscle tone and increase strength. However, avoid strenuous tasks that would require bending and any kind of heavy lifting.

  1. Right Pain Management

The recovery process is not going to be easy. It is hard and painful and taking all the prescribed painkillers is advised. However, the right pain management does not entail taking more than the prescribed portion if the pain is not suppressed.

Follow the surgeon’s directions throughout the recovery process and this includes other pain management techniques like gentle exercises, frequent re-positioning, and much more.

  1. Consulting the Surgeon Whenever Required

The best spine surgeon in Delhi would advise on keeping the surgeon’s number on speed dial. Consulting the surgeon when you develop symptoms such as fever or chills, worsening pain or weakness, night sweats, the opening of the incision, chest pain, shortness of breath, and any unusual pain that may be as a result of the surgery.

  1. Keeping the Incision Clean

The best spine surgeon in India always advises on the best way to keep your incision clean. The instructions are clear on the when and how to handle this task. The surgeon usually recommends that the skin around the incision is maintained clean and dry for the first four days post the surgery. Taking baths in the tub is not advised, at least until the incision has cleared and the surgeon gives the green light.

  1. Eating Right

Full recovery is strongly hinged on eating the right foods. Establish a healthy eating habit that is void of any high calorie and heavy food especially because the entire recovery process will entail lots of rest and inactivity. This will help in controlling your weight after you have fully recovered. The diet should be balanced, with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit as well.

  1. Laying Properly

Laying properly is another major tip that the best spine surgeon in India advises on. Having a good sleep is recommended for faster healing. However, you need to consult your surgeon on the most appropriate sleeping position that would relieve any kind of stress on the spine. Getting into and out of bed may also pose a risk and the surgeon should also be consulted on how to go about this. Some of these sleeping positions are as follows, but it is best to confirm with your surgeon first.

  • Sleep on your back with your upper body a bit raised. An adjustable bed would be appropriate to achieve this or the use of supportive pillows.
  • When on your back, rest the back of your knees on a pillow to get your hips and knees slightly raised.
  • Use the log roll technique when getting out of bed.
  1. Sitting Properly

Sitting after a spine surgery is nothing short of an art that should be mastered to get the most out of the recovery process. The best spine surgeon in India would advise against going on long car rides because it would compromise your recovery process.

The surgeon would recommend how long to sit before changing position or engaging in another activity like walking. Generally, you should sit with your knees at a lower level than your hips. This applies to all sitting areas, be it your favorite sofa, the car seat, or the toilet seat.

When getting up, you should also use your arms to push yourself up after getting your hips to the end position of the seat.

  1. Bracing

A brace has been designed to stabilize your neck and back limiting movement of the spine to certain limits. If the surgeon prescribes the use of a back brace during your recovery process, you should put it on as instructed.

  1. Seek Help

Another tip that may be looked down upon, but has immense significance is seeking help with your chores. Friends and family are better placed to help with house work that would require the use of a lot of effort like taking out the garbage, doing your laundry, and much more.

  1. Physical Therapy

Some patients need special care after going through spinal surgery. This may involve physical therapy from a visiting nurse. This is very important as it helps in building your muscle, increasing flexibility as well as endurance. The best spine surgeon in Delhi will get you into an appropriate exercise program that developed with a physical therapist under their direction.

if you have any queries regarding to the spine surgery you can call our best spine surgeon in india for your treatment you can book your appointment via this page to cure yourself from home through exercises to become fit.

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