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We at Spine and Brain India are always fully focused on helping you to overcome any surgical procedure, with great commitment and easy recovery. Spine and Brain India is one of the leading institutions for spine surgery in Delhi and Gurgaon India.

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Why SBI?

Spine and Brain India is directed by Dr. Arun Saroha who is currently the Director of Neurosurgery (Spine and Brain) – Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi and Gurgaon who is best known for his exceptionally low complications and high success rate for the most complex patients.

Why India?

Highly accurate and early diagnosis by the medical experts aids in precision of medical treatment and ensures top notch quality treatment at par with the first world countries like the US and UK at an affordable price.

State of the art Technology

Spine and Brain India offers 100% surgical precision using the state-of-the art neuro monitoring and navigation guidance and other highly specialized techniques maximizing the efficacy of each and every procedure.

International patient services

SBI offers undivided care and pocket friendly facilities to international patients from various countries seeking neuro-spine treatment in India from the point of arrival to India till completion of treatment.

What we offer ?

Wide range of
medical services

Thank you for choosing Spine and Brain despite the many options available for neuro and spinal health. We appreciate the trust and confidence you have in our practice and are honored to welcome you into our Spine and Brain family. Although surgery is always the very last option, we offer both minimally invasive as well open surgeries for both pediatric and adult patients with brain and spinal tumors, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal cord injuries, degenerative disease and other related conditions.

A surgeon you can rely on

Dr. Arun Saroha is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for patients suffering from neuro and spine disorders, presenting patients with the best surgical options.

Latest Techniques and Technology

Dr. Arun Saroha has been trained in performing minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. He uses different neurosurgical technologies in his practice achieving the best possible outcome.

First visit with SBI

• One on one consultation with the doctor – physical examination and evaluation
• Review test results – discuss thorough and accurate diagnosis
• Get all your questions answered – plan and schedule customized treatment

What to expect

Each patient’s condition is unique, we spend quality time addressing all their questions and make sure they are educated regarding diagnosis, treatment options and expected outcomes.

Working hours

24×7 Support

Talk to a experienced doctor anytime about important Spine & Brain issues.

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Dr. Arun Saroha

Director and Head of Unit:- Neurosurgery (Brain and Spine)
Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket New Delhi.
Max Hospital, Gurgaon.

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Patient testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…

Dr. Arun Saroha is highly qualified in the field of Spine Surgery. He recommends spine surgery when it is really required because of his honesty and loyalty towards their patients.

Serbessa Negera Bekanasv

He is very Highly Skilled Neurosurgeon i ever seen.he is the best spine surgeon,neurosurgeon.brain specialist in gurgaon,delhi,ncr i meet with this doctors when my father is suffer from Spine surgery problem.then i felt that he is the cheapest and best treatment for brain tumours in gurgaon,i often see on the internet that best spine surgeon in gurgaon,delhi,ncr,india is dr arun saroha,

Mrs. Salima Hajja Hassan

Great neurologist i have ever seen,he cured infantile spasms of my child completely (100%) excellent doctor wont be in hurry and explains everything you ask .i am very much grateful to him.

Nsoiba Faisal

Dr. Arun Saroha has a very good experience of treating spinal problems. He has a very renowned name.. successful surgery done by him

Patient Raman

Dr Arun Saroha is very best spine surgeon in Delhi . His professionalism shows his work. He treats his patient very careful and in very effective manner. Best if one is looking to neurosurgeon doctor.

Ryan Mosambi

Hialeah, Florida

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About Dr. Arun Saroha

Dr.Arun Saroha is working as Neurosurgeon with a special interest in spine surgery for the last 15 years. He specializes in Neuro-oncology, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Neurotrauma, Stroke & Cerebrovascular surgery including Transnasal surgeries. He has also been performing instrumented/ Non-instrumentation spine surgeries, including minimally invasive spine surgeries. He has performed more than 6,000 Neurosurgeries (Spine and Brain) successfully till date with patients from all over the world.


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