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Brain tumor surgery in india

A diagram Of brain illustrating a tumor.

Brain Tumor Surgery in India: Costs, Treatments, and Top Doctors

Are you or someone you know suffering from a brain tumor? Are you looking for the best brain tumor surgery in India? You're in the right place. India is home to some of the best neurosurgeons in the world, and Dr. Arun Saroha is one of the most prominent ones among them. In this article, we will discuss brain tumor surgery in India, including the costs, treatments, and the best doctors to perform the surgery.


A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in the brain that can be benign or cancerous. Symptoms of a brain tumor include headaches, seizures, vision problems, and difficulty in speaking or understanding speech. Brain tumors can be diagnosed through imaging tests such as MRI and CT scans.

Brain tumor surgery is the most common treatment for brain tumors. The surgery aims to remove as much of the tumor as possible without damaging the surrounding brain tissue. In some cases, radiation therapy or chemotherapy may be used in combination with surgery.

Brain Tumor Treatment in India

India has some of the best hospitals and doctors for brain tumor treatment. Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket is one of the top hospitals in India for neurosurgery. Dr. Arun Saroha, who practices at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, is one of the most experienced and skilled neurosurgeons in the country.

Dr. Saroha has more than 20 years of experience in neurosurgery and has expertise in treating brain and spine disorders like degenerative spine disorders, brain tumors, disc replacements, and pediatric neurosurgeries, among others. He has performed more than eight thousand surgeries so far and is known for providing comprehensive care for all types of neurological problems.

Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India

The cost of brain tumor surgery in India depends on various factors, including the type of surgery, the hospital, the surgeon, and the location. The cost can range from INR 2,00,000 to INR 7,00,000 (approximately USD 2,700 to USD 9,500) or more.

The cost of brain tumor surgery in India is much lower than in many other countries, including the USA and the UK. This is because of the low cost of living and lower wages of medical staff in India. However, it is essential to note that the quality of care in India is not compromised despite the lower cost.

Best Doctors for Brain Tumor Surgery in India

When it comes to brain tumor surgery, it is crucial to choose the best doctor for the job. Dr. Arun Saroha is one of the best neurosurgeons for brain tumor surgery in India. He has an excellent reputation and has been honored with many prestigious awards in the field of neurosurgery. He is a member of many prestigious organizations in the field of neurology and spine surgery across India and the USA.

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